Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

Dr. Otah, Dr. Otah, Dr. Otah, I love her. She helped change my life. She is the most compassionate genuinely caring doctor, I have ever encountered I know once she personally called to check on me after surgery that Dr. Otah was a one of a kind. Everything went smoothly from the initial office visit to post surgery follow ups. Her office handled all insurance questions and forms along with all requirements which made my job only to be a healthy candidate for surgery. I did it and I lost the pre surgery weight with the help of Dr. Otah, thank you for everything. One year out and I feel great. I would have or couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She is the best of the best.
— Kisha Clark, Houston, TX
Before the surgery the will power to resist many foods and sweets was very difficult and now I don’t have to. The difference is before food was killing me and I could ignore it this fact and eat it any way. But now after the surgery this fact is very easy to see even though I knew it before the surgery. The reason diabetes and obesity is a hard to deal with is because you can ignore them until it too late to fix them. I feel that this was the best way to stop ignoring my problem and now I have the power to change my life and before I did not. To say I don’t want to die early and don’t have the will power to stop that from happening is a dark place to be in but that is where I was and I am not any more. Thank you Dr. Ese Otah
— Kenneth Rendell, Houston, TX