Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

Lap Band (Laparoscopic Adjustable Band) surgery is not as intrusive as other forms of weight loss surgery.  The stomach is not cut or reshaped and the intestines are not cut and resown. Several tiny holes in the abdomen instead of one major cut can be done.  Dr. Otah will be able to look at your abdomen with the laparoscope and place the lap band safely and securely within your abdomen.  These tiny cuts will not hurt as you will be under general anesthesia during the surgery.  The procedure lasts approximately an hour as there is no invasion of the intestine or cutting of the stomach itself.  Along with the lap band, the surgeon will leave a small port just under your stomach in case he needs to go in and either inflate or deflate the band at later dates during office visits, depending on your weight loss progression. 

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Recovering from Lap Band Surgery

This is an outpatient procedure, Dr. Otah will go over your new diet plan with you and let you know what you can and cannot eat and drink following your surgery.  Make sure you understand the importance of taking vitamins, exercising and eating properly.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 


The Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

As it is less invasive, laparoscopic lap band surgery is safer and there is less scarring than with traditional surgery.  The lap band will not only make your body feel full quicker with less food intake but you will also notice your desire to eat decreases.  Each person is different and being so, Dr. Otah can make changes during office visits as needed with inflating or deflating the pouch that it is working and fitting in with your own particular body and way of doing things.  It can even be adjusted during pregnancy..  Since the weight loss is not significantly seen immediately following the procedure, it makes long-term loss more effective, as you will build up a safe and secure routine for eating, exercise and supplements.  Once you have met your desired weight the lap band can be removed.  If you are dealing with obesity issues, contact our office  and ask about laparoscopic lap band surgery.  You will be glad you did.