Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

A Gastric Sleeve is a surgical procedure used to promote weight loss in morbidly obese persons. It can be used stand alone as an independent procedure or can be used as the preliminary step prior to performing a duodenal switch procedure in patients who doctors feel are at too much risk to perform the duodenal switch or gastric bypass procedure due to excessive weight and other health concerns that arise from having excessive amounts of weight.  The gastric sleeve is more often performed as an independent procedure that requires no further weight loss surgery be performed.  This procedure has been shown to improve blood glucose numbers without significant weight loss having occurred. There has not been determination as to why blood glucose numbers improve at this time.  

A laparoscopic  Gastric Sleeve is a surgical procedure used to promote weight loss in morbidly obese persons.   The stomach is reduced to about 25% of its pre-surgical size. This reduction cases patients to feel full faster and eat less causing weight loss.

During the surgery  Dr. Otah will place a row of staples from the top of the rounded area of the stomach to just before the opening where the stomach meets the small intestine. The excess 75% of the stomach is removed from your body. Your stomach will now be about the size of a banana.  There may be times when the laparoscopic approach cannot work this will be determined by Dr. Otah and may or may postpone your procedure until it can be discussed with you.

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What is the Procedure?

This procedure will require 1 to 2 days in the hospital after the procedure. Your intake will be restricted to liquids for that period. Prior to any oral intake a swallow test will be administered to insure there are no leaks in your stomach.  Upon discharge from the hospital you will be provided with a diet that it will be important that you adhere to prevent complications.

Patients report that the most level of pain felt after discharge is at the incision site where the excess stomach was removed. As with any surgery there are risks to having this procedure performed. Some are leakage at the site of the staples, vomiting , bloating, and injury to your intestines or other organs during surgery. Patient ‘s lose about 40-50%  of their excess body weight by the end of 1 year. 

If your doctor has determined that Gastric Sleeve Surgery could significantly improve your life the Center for General and Laparoscopic Surgery is here to help. Contact Dr. Otah to schedule an appointment.